Intensive Training

We have expanded to help you build the best possible relationship with your dog.

I, Dawna Caldwell, began my professional career with dogs in 1996 and created Happy Tails to You Dog Training. In 2004 I opened Canine Corral Dog Daycare to offer daycare and overnight care services. The two businesses have remained separate until now. As of March 3rd, 2020, they have merged to become a full-service training center with the addition of both Board and Train Programs and a Day Training Program!

Happy Tails to You Dog Training will continue to offer group classes and private, in-home lessons. The addition of the Board and Train Programs and Day Training Program at Canine Corral, orchestrated by Happy Tails, will give you a wider range of dog and puppy training options so you can choose what is best suited to your needs.


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My goals with both Happy Tails to You Dog Training and Canine Corral Dog Daycare are, and always have been, to help prepare dogs to be ambassadors of good behavior, and to return a better-behaved dog back to you. Many of our clients have been with me and my staff for the entire lives of their dogs. With love in our hearts we care for all our four-legged guests as if they were our own family. It is the trusting relationship between a dog and a person that is key to success.

Since we are offering more than one program, we will be happy to discuss with you the options to determine the most effective way to proceed. We will take into consideration your specific needs and desires to tailor-fit the best plan for you.

With that said, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of your follow-through and consistency with any of the programs offered. These programs are intended to jumpstart and assist you in your efforts to connect with your dog in a meaningful way. The strength of the relationship you establish will lead to compliance. We work together as a team. I am not giving you the fish; I am teaching you how to fish. If you don’t do your part, the training will fall apart, probably in about three weeks.

After we have completed a program with your dog, we then will have to arrange for the human-training portion of the program. The first part of this will be an exit training session, which includes a video for you to watch. Please plan on watching it several times. Additionally, there will be two 1-hour follow-up sessions to be scheduled and completed within 30 days of the exit training session. During this 30-day period, you are to be consistently practicing with your dog daily. This is crucial. Your dog knows the behaviors but doesn’t know yet that s/he has to perform them for you. When you have extra time for specific practice sessions, terrific! On days that you don’t, weaving the behaviors into your daily interactions with your dog also works. This will become your way of life.

Board and Train Basic Program

This program is designed to enable you and your dog to enjoy being active in public together. We all want a dog that is well-mannered and a pleasure to take places. Having some solid training in place, in addition to relationship-building tools, you will be able to travel with your dog, know s/he is safe, and will look to you for guidance in new situations. We will work on loose-leash walking, coming when called, stays with distractions and distance, and leave it. All of these behaviors will be taken on the road and worked on in the real World.

This program is geared for dogs that have no history of aggression or severe behavior problems.

Your dog boards and trains with us five days per week for three consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday, and goes home on weekends.

Your dog boards and trains with us five days per week for three consecutive weeks, Monday through Friday, and stays at Canine Corral on the weekends with visitation appointments available.

Day Training Basic Program

Your dog attends daycare four days per week, Monday through Thursday, for three consecutive weeks

The Day Training Basic Program is for dogs to receive obedience and “good manners” training while they attend daycare. It serves as a jumpstart for puppies so no bad habits develop, as well as an introduction to training for older dogs. Additionally, it is a “refresher course” for dogs that have participated in Canine Corral’s Board and Train Programs or dogs that have attended lessons with Happy Tails to You Dog Training. All the basics (leash walking, recalls, stays, etc.) will be reinforced and proofed in real-life situations. Please note, your participation is essential. Without your participation, you will have a dog that minds me and my staff, but not you. You will be given specific instructions on what to do with your dog while s/he is with you in the evenings and on weekends.


Aggression Rehabilitation Board and Train Program

This program is for dogs that are working up to a bite. If your dog has growled and snapped at people or other dogs (but has not broken skin or left a bruise), or is fearful, we implement structure and impulse control. Management of unwanted behaviors, as well as teaching a repertoire of alternate behaviors, is necessary to achieve success. Dogs sometimes don’t make good decisions in human environments, so I don’t want them making any. This is your job. This program will build your dog’s confidence, and your dog’s confidence in you to handle uncertainty. They will follow your lead as their trusted guide. Then you will have more confidence in your dog’s behavior at home and out in public.

This program requires your dog to remain in Canine Corral’s care on the weekends with visitation appointments available.

This includes the above Basic Program.

Behavior Modification Board and Train Program

This is a rehabilitation program customized for specific behavior issues your dog is exhibiting. Behaviors stemming from lack of confidence, such as excessive barking and mild leash reactivity, will be addressed by building a trusting relationship with your dog. We will perform confidence-building exercises and teach incompatible replacement behaviors so your dog will know what to do in new situations both in your home and out in public.

This program requires your dog to remain in Canine Corral’s care on the weekends with visitation appointments available.

This includes the above Basic Program.